Students & Youths

Thrilling adventures

‘Going on holiday means venturing beyond the boundaries of everyday life, trying new experiences, growing...’

Here, in 1976, Il Ciocco Ragazzi was founded as a Campeggio delle Giovani Marmotte campground in collaboration with Mondadori Viaggi. It was the first Youth Holiday private centre in Italy, with its own directly managed facilities.

With 30 years of experience in the field, with a 24/7 concierge service and a protected natural area, Il Ciocco continues to be the ideal location for youth holidays, organised as important opportunities for learning while having fun, and for stayovers for students and young workers engaged in training projects.

Youth camps

For thirty years, Il Ciocco has stood out for its concept of youth holidays, which have become a true reference model for those working in the field.

If you are a tour operator that organises summer or winter youth camps and you wish to offer a holiday comprised not only of recreation and entertainment, but also sport and training sessions, the facilities and spaces of Il Ciocco are sure to meet your needs. In the greenery of the woods, youngsters can learn to orient themselves, build a hut or sing around the campfire; in our sport village, they can test their physical abilities; and in the rooms equipped for the occasion, they can improve their English through interactive lessons.

Student housing

Are you a school, college or university, or another type of institution looking for suitable locations for students participating in exchange/mobility/training internship programmes?

The residences at Il Ciocco offer long-term stays in a protected natural area with a 24/7 concierge service.

In the rooms of Il Ciocco Studios, equipped with a control room, light mixer and seats for the audience, students will be able to exchange views and make their presentations.