Conventions, meetings, entertainment, team building activities: hold your event in Lucca at the Il Ciocco Estate in Tuscany!

Between locations equipped for the occasion and a sport village with a football pitch, a wood-floor gym, multipurpose fields and the largest indoor pump track in Italy, you will be spoiled for choice.

Bikes, motorbikes, treasure hunts and team games; twenty years of collaboration with selected partners and a network of trails dozens of kilometres long: discover all there is to experience in the 600 hectares of our Tuscan natural park!

Meetings in Tuscany

From a theatre that was home to the first music television channel in Europe, complete with a control room and light mixer ( Il Ciocco Studios ) to meeting rooms equipped for the occasion: at the Living Mountain you will find the location that best suits your needs. 

Incentives and Team Building Activities in Tuscany

 A 600-hectare natural park, 42 kilometres of paved and unpaved roads and a sport village that has made history: the Il Ciocco Estate is the ideal location for team building or orienteering activities in Tuscany, for team games on foot, riding an MTB, driving a 4X4 or on the saddle of a motorbike!